About Us

At Biderro.Com we created a way to give the Crypto Currency lovers peace of mind and comfort with a planner that can be used to Log and track all of your Bitcoin and other currencies offline and in a safe place. The Leather Crypto Bitcoin planner is 8 x 10 inches long and comes with a secret compartment located on the inner back and we call this the Rug Pull Compartment.

Just pull the tab and find your cash safely waiting for you. You know, when a rugpull happens it's never nice but how about pulling your own rug and grabbing all of the cash that you put away for a rainy day. Also the planner comes with 15 pages that were designed with areas for your passwords, seed phrases, notes, buys and sells.

We have a Gold Bitcoin embedded within the front cover and a couple extra were included. You can replace the embedded coin with either a real quarter, your favorite Eth, Shiba inu or even a Doge coin by opening the cover and removing it from the back pocket.

We have included a bitcoin key chain and even a lettering pack just in case you would like to put your name on the cover or in the inside. This is a perfect Crypto Planner that will make a great gift for your best friends but get one for yourself first because when they are gone we will not produce more. You can only get them from Mr.Biderro the bitcoin Planner man right here so get a few and get them while they last.

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